“Outdated Immigration Laws: Bad for Students, Worse for Local Economies”

It starts with the student visa process, which is one component of a broken immigration system.  At the end of the day, the only issues that really matter are: 1) ability to pay; and 2) whether or not the applicant is a terrorist.

immigration-reformThe first question in the holy trinity of the vetting process – are you a bona fide student? – has already been answered by the admitting institution.  (Recommendation:  Take unaccredited institutions out of the equation because “bona fide student” and “rogue provider” are a contradiction in terms.)

The third question – what are your post-graduation plans?, i.e., to return to your home country – should also be jettisoned.  Emigration is a personal decision and, Lord knows, the US needs a certain percentage of international students to remain for the long-term, if not forever.  With a median age of 38+ the population isn’t getting any younger, plus, there’s also a shortage of skilled workers in key fields.

NOTE:  Six (6) winners of Nobel Prizes affiliated with US universities are foreign born.  (See America’s Immigrant Laureates.  11.10.16, Inside Higher Ed)

Follow this link to read the article in its entirety.


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