60,000 Members & Counting!

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No, I’ m not referring to the number of subscribers to my humble blog but to members of VietAbroader (VA), a student-run, non-profit organization that empowers Vietnamese youth to contribute to the sustainable development of Vietnam.  It was founded by a small group of Vietnamese students studying in the US at the time.  Congratulations to them and the many young leaders they have inspired, who have transformed VA from an online forum to Vietnam’s most famous and highly respected student organization. 

In addition to the online forum, VietAbroader is known for its annual summer study abroad conferences, VApedia, a wikipedia of information, advice and guidance covering admission, financial aid, life abroad, visas, and the VietAbroader Club, which initiates workshops and projects that help other high school students develop critical skills and make meaningful contributions to their local community.

According to SimilarWeb, which measures and analyzes web traffic, VA ranked 582,356 worldwide and 7,223 in Vietnam last month.  Those statistics are wildly impressive when you consider that there over 600 million websites in the world and that Vietnam has an Internet penetration rate of about 35%.     

Disclosure:  I am proud to be one of two VietAbroader advisers, a position I have held almost since the organization’s founding.  My company, Capstone Vietnam, has been a proud corporate sponsor of the VA’s summer study abroad conference the last few years. 


One thought on “60,000 Members & Counting!

  1. Cool and thanks for posting! How can people hook up and help out? n Glad to see you did not write “sustainable growth” which is an oxymoron.

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