VietAbroader Summer 2013 “Passing of the Torch” Conferences

Here’s a note I recently sent to US higher education colleagues about the 2013 VietAbroader summer study abroad conferences and related institutional sponsorship opportunities: 
With staff & interns at the 2011 VAC in Hanoi.
With staff & interns at the 2011 VAC in Hanoi.

Warm greetings from Vietnam!  I am writing to let you know about an outstanding sponsorship opportunity:  the 2013 VietAbroader (VA) Passing of the Torch Summer Study Abroad Conferences.  This is a great chance to gain maximum exposure both at the conferences and in the media.  I am honored to serve as one of two VietAbroader advisers, a position I have held almost since the founding of the organization in 2004.  Capstone Vietnam has been a proud corporate sponsor in recent years. 

VietAbroader is a student-run, nonprofit that provides Vietnamese students with training and guidance to encourage them to study abroad, primarily in the United States.  The VA Study Abroad Conferences (VAC), the organization’s flagship program, were launched in 2005.  I had the honor of speaking at the first Hanoi conference.Every year, I help VA’s leadership reach out to potential institutional sponsors.  Why should US colleges and universities that welcome Vietnamese students to their campuses consider becoming a sponsor of the VAC?  Because it’s one of the hottest and most widely publicized events of its kind, and will help you brand and market your school to a very targeted audience.

Then US Ambassador to Vietnam, Michael Michalak, and I after delivering introductory remarks at the 2009  VAC in Hanoi.
Then US Ambassador to Vietnam, Michael Michalak, and I after delivering introductory remarks at the 2009 VAC in Hanoi.

The conferences include morning seminars that provide prescreened attendees with general information about U.S. education, and fairs in the afternoon that are free and open to the public, where students and parents can meet face-to-face with students, alumni and official representatives of more than 80 top U.S. schools.  This year, the conferences will be held on Saturday, July 20th in Ho Chi Minh City and Sunday, July 21st in Hanoi.

There is always a lot of interest in these events, so please let me know as soon as possible if you’d like to become an institutional sponsor.  I’d be happy to send you PDF copies of the conference proposal and an overview of institutional benefits, as well as introduce you to the conference organizers.  For your information, there are five levels of sponsorship, including Diamond (maximum of 3 sponsors), Platinum (4), Gold (5), Silver (N/A) and Bronze (N/A).


Note:  To access information about the summer 2012 VACs, including sponsors and a list of fair participants, follow this link
P.S.:  When I joined the VietAbroader forum in March 2004, there were a few hundred members.  As of 7 February, there were 56,520 (!). 

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