Survey of Current & Future Vietnamese Students in the United States

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 I recently tabulated the results of an anonymous and impressionistic (i.e., unscientific) Internet survey that I conducted using SurveyMonkey.  The purpose of this brief survey was to get a general idea of the post-graduation plans of current and future Vietnamese students in the U.S.

In response to one of the key questions about what students plan to do after graduation, a simple majority (52.90%) opt for “further study” and nearly half (44%) plan to work for awhile before returning home. Only about 6% stated their intention to emigrate.

While others will no doubt decide to remain in the US (or a third country), that is not their intention now.  The point is that emigration is ultimately a personal decision and part of the global brain circulation phenomenon.

Of the 204 people who participated, the results were as follows:


  • Female: 64.70%
  • Male: 35.30%


  • North: 63.20%
  • Central: 15.70%
  • South: 21.10%

Current status

  • High School Student in Vietnam: 11.80%
  • University Student in Vietnam: 41.20%
  • Working in Vietnam: 7.80%
  • High School Student in the US: 4.90%
  • Undergraduate in the US: 26%
  • Graduate Student in the US: 8.30%

What are you studying or planning to study?  A long list of majors, including common (e.g., business administration, economics, finance, international economics, MBA, etc.) and uncommon (e.g., art, creative writing, cultural anthropology, dance, film studies, gender studies, history, linguistics, molecular biology, musicology, pharmacology, political science, psychology, public affairs, TESOL, theater, etc.)

What are your post-graduation plans (i.e., after you complete your degree program in the US)?

  • Return home: 21.60%
  • Further study: 52.90%
  • Optional Practical Training (OPT): 24%
  • Work for a few years, return home: 20%
  • Emigration 5.90%

Anything you’d like to add?  35 respondents answered this question.

If you would like me to email you the results, please provide your names and email address. This information is optional. 108 requested a copy of the results.

The distribution of the respondents was, in some cases, different from Vietnamese students in the US. For example, over 60% are from the North whereas the majority of Vietnamese studying in the US hail from southern Vietnam. In addition, the actual gender balance is about 50-50. Finally, while two-thirds of Vietnamese students are undergraduates, 42.7% of the respondents are current or future undergraduates.


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