“how to buy a phd”

This is one of those amusing items that pops up with annoying frequency in my list of search engine terms, one way I can see how some people stumble upon my blog. (Some other recent terms include vietnamese students in usus boarding school market and vietnam, david shear (US ambassador to Vietnam), diploma mills, and Vietnamese general vo nguyen giap.)

Why earn a Ph.D. when you can buy one the old-fashioned way, right?  Enter College Degree Fast, whose slogan is achieve more. go higher. get your degree today. (Other companies that offer this “service” include those with snappy names like Speedy Degrees and Degree Fast.)


  • You have more real life experience, yet your Colleague gets promoted?
  • Your Training & self study warrant you a Degree, but you neither have the time nor the finances to return to school.
  • You may be at an age or period in your life in which returning to school is not feasible, yet obtaining a College Degree is essential.
  • A College Degree would give you a sense of Achievement or self satisfaction?


One sign that this Toronto, Ontario-based company is raking it in is the fact that its website ranks 1.1 million in the world and 295,996 in the U.S. (There are currently 135 million active websites.)

 “A great conversation peice”

Need a testimonial to help seal the deal? Check out this glowing endorsement, sloppy grammar, misspelled words and all, from Julie, who obviously needs to take Writing 101. This is the best thing that ever happened to the internet. I received my college degree within 5 days. This is amazing quality. I display me degree proudly. it is the centerpiece of my home and a great conversation peice as well. Keep up the empowering work, i certainly will refer many associates your way. (Julie V. Madison, WI, USA)

Just Call Me Dr. _____!

So, what do you get for your $439 with free shipping?

  • 4 Transcripts, 2 Official Sealed Transcripts, 2 Unsealed Transcripts. stamped & Signed by Registrar.
  • 1 Award of Academic excellence signed with gold foil University Seal.
  • PVC Plastic Official University ID Card •
  • Professional University Verification Service
  • Your Doctorate Degree, Professionally Printed on parchment, with embossed thermograph seal.
  • 2 Letters of Recommendation from your University Dean’s office, on University letterhead & signed.
  • FREE Leatherette Padded Degree Holder, Gold Embossed with inside silk.
  • University Document Folder, Heavy Matte with school seal/logo

The Real Deal

Those of us who have a real Ph.D. from a real (regionally accredited) institution of higher education and who paid much more than $439 for the experience are part of a very select group. As a colleague put it, “Because earning a Ph.D. requires extended study and intense intellectual effort, less than one percent of the population attains the degree.”  To that I would add that about 50% don’t make it across the finish line – eternally ABD (all but dissertation). 

3 Qualities of Successful Ph.D. Students

As another colleague observed, you don’t need to be brilliant to earn a Ph.D. (“Certainly, being smart helps. But, it won’t get the job done.”) He continues:  Having watched Ph.D. students succeed and fail at four universities, I infer that success in graduate school hinges on three qualities: perseverance, tenacity and cogency

Bonus Article (!):  Questions To Ask When Thinking About Pursuing a Ph.D.

College Degree Fast, an example of the “free market” run amok, should consider setting up shop in Vietnam, a place where credential fraud is rampant.  But beware: a growing number of people who believe that a credential should be based on quality education and training and that the activities of diploma mills are a form of corruption in any country’s educational system will be watching.

Thanks for reading. I feel better already.  🙂

MAA, Ph.D.

2 thoughts on ““how to buy a phd”

  1. Dear Sir/ Madam,

    I want a PhD in Management (USA University) only (No need assignment, examination, dissertation and other requirements). Please let me know how to apply and fee?

    YU Kwok Keung (HK)

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