Selling at Any Price

TackyShowing poor taste and quality.  That’s a rather charitable description of this Facebook ad currently running in Vietnam for a MA in Finance and International Trade program from Leeds Metropolitan University (UK), offered in cooperation with its Vietnamese partner, the Institute of Finance.  It’s been less than three weeks since Mr. Jobs passed away and already someone is using a photo of him to sell something to which he has/had no connection.

And just for good measure why not throw in an alternate ad with that old standby, Bill Gates?

 This honor (or prestige) by association approach is common in Vietnam, where there’s a Bill Gates School and an Alfred Nobel High School.  What’s next?  The Steve Jobs School?  Why not just try to sell an education “product” on its own merits sans the tacky come-on?  Shame on both the UK institution and its Vietnamese partner for this outrageous display of bad taste. 

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