VietAbroader Summer Study Abroad Conferences: Passing of the Torch

Capstone Vietnam, of which I’m managing director, is pleased and proud to be a corporate sponsor of the 2011 VietAbroader Study Abroad Conferences (VAC) on 15 and 16 July in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) and Hanoi, respectively.  VAC, the flagship program of VietAbroader (VA), was first organized in the summer of 2005.  (I had the privilege of speaking at the Hanoi conference.)  In addition to general information about U.S. education using a highly interactive format (e.g., students learning from peers in whose foosteps they hope to follow) participants can learn about specific schools and scholarship programs through the school fair in the afternoon.  Some colleges also offer on-site interviews and info sessions for students.  Check out this VA press release for more information. 

Last year, each conference attracted about 250 participants in the morning.  They were selected from among 1,600 applicants.  More than 1,000 people attended each of the afternoon school fairs in which 50 top U.S. colleges and universities were represented. 

As one of two VA advisers, I have been involved with this outstanding student-run, non-profit organization almost since its founding.  In my opinion, VA, which now boasts over 30,000 members, has done more than any other entity in Vietnam to educate young people and their parents about study opportunities in the US and other countries.  From its humble beginnings as an online forum to its current status as a full-fledged organization, VietAbroader has helped thousands of young Vietnamese through a breathtaking array of activities in the virtual and physical worlds in both Vietnam and the US.  VA and its team of student/alumni volunteers are always looking for new and innovative ways to fulfill its mission of empowering Vietnamese youth to contribute to the sustainable development of Vietnam

Postscript:  I would like to thank my US higher education colleagues for their generous institutional sponsorship and support of these exciting, high-quality, and truly worthwhile conferences. 


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