Vinhomes Ocean Park (Re)Visited

A glance through the VinUniversity main gate. (All photos by MAA.) This is the second in a trilogy of posts about various Vingroup projects. This one is a more detailed look at VinUniversity and the Vinhomes community in which it is embedded. (Here's a related post from 17.8.20.) Before the fourth wave of COVID-19 reared … Continue reading Vinhomes Ocean Park (Re)Visited

“Now What?” TedX Hanoi May Provide a Few Answers

Here's some information about the latest TedX Hanoi event on 19 January 2019 that will attempt to provide some answers to this very timely question.   The signs of Vietnam’s amazing progress are all around us. Increased growth from Vietnamese companies, and increased investment from international firms, lead to better jobs and rising incomes. With a … Continue reading “Now What?” TedX Hanoi May Provide a Few Answers