Overseas Study as a Stepping Stone to Emigration

Verywell/Alex Dos DIaz At a recent Capstone StudyGlobal Education Fair, I spoke with two girls who asked for recommendations about where to study. Both were high school students, one in the 10th grade and the other in the 11th. Their initial focus was on the US but, after further discussion, they said they were willing … Continue reading Overseas Study as a Stepping Stone to Emigration

The 21 Circles of Privilege

I recently came across this comprehensive image of various sources of privilege on LinkedIn. It was created by Dr. Poornima Luthra, Teaching Associate Professor at the Copenhagen Business School, and author of Diversifying Diversity: Your guide to being an active ally of inclusion in the workplace and The Art of Active Allyship. To get an … Continue reading The 21 Circles of Privilege