Freedom of speech according to the gospel of Koch

Image: iStock

This is my latest essay for University World News (UWN). I wrote it in response to a 3 July op-ed piece by Jonathan Zimmerman, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania. UWN usually doesn’t publish essays this long; I’m pleased they made an exception.

As always, I welcome your comments either here or via email, which is how I receive most of them these days.

Bonus: Here’s an image of part of a Twitter thread about my essay. The comment about Ayn Rand is spot-on. Click on the image to see the thread. Here’s the entire excerpt: The ideal society its adherents envision is a cruel, unjust and heartless one that is devoid of compassion, caring and solidarity, and favours the wealthy, the financially fittest, over everyone else.

Shalom (שלום), MAA

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