Trumpism is Exactly Who Many of US Are

Image courtesy of CounterPunch

Here’s my latest essay for CounterPunch in which I expand upon this 23.1.21 blog post Agree to Disagree? It Depends. Below is an excerpt to whet your appetite (or not).

During the dark years of Trump and MAGA madness, I often heard from disbelieving and exasperated colleagues that this is not who we are as US Americans, an attempt to invoke the country’s “better angels” or J. William Fulbright’s “two Americas”…

My colleagues’ comments were usually made in the context of a social media post and written in a spirit of anger, alienation, and shame. My initial reaction was invariably This may be not be who you are but it definitely an integral part of who and what the United States is. To believe otherwise is to live in fantasy world of one’s own making. I understood the sentiment and empathized with those who expressed it but adamantly reject its logic.

Shalom (שלום), MAA

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