“Things we are grateful for in 2020”

Leonardo (His smile puts a smile on my face.)

I feel compelled to share this message of hope with you. It was written and posted on 31 December 2020 by my friend, Huong, and her husband, Enrico, who live in Singapore. For them, last year was the pinnacle of happiness and the dark depths of despair. As parents, they experienced the miracle that was the birth of their beloved son, Leonardo (Leo), and, seven months later, the indescribable pain and agony that followed his passing. (Follow this link to read my 12.10.20 post Leonardo’s Smile: Support for Vietnamese Orphanages.)

I am grateful to Huong and Enrico for sharing their grief, insights, and advice with the world. Their message is filled with painful lessons learned and wisdom forged in the fire of personal tragedy that should speak to everyone who reads it and change everyone who takes it to heart. I am reminded of James Baldwin’s quote I can’t be a pessimist because I am alive.

Below is an excerpt. Follow this link to read their post in its entirety.

2020 is the year that many of us want to forget but will remember. In this year, our family experienced utmost happiness when Leonardo entered the world in March and deepest sorrow when he was taken away from us seven months later. As we are ushering in 2021, we would like to reflect on what we are grateful for in life…

Thank you, Huong and Enrico. Among many other things, I am deeply grateful for your 31 December 2020 post.

Shalom (שלום), MAA

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