Hanoi Becomes Greener

For all of its problems, some unique to Hanoi and others common to big cities, there is one bright spot, green, to be precise. Someone in the city’s Department of City Planning and Architecture made the decision to begin planting the median strips with all manner of plants and trees. The slogan xanh, sạch, đẹp (green, clean, beautiful) is becoming a reality in many parts of the city.

The result, in a tropical climate, is year-ground greenery for residents and drivers to enjoy. In what can at times be stressful driving in a densely populated city of 6 million souls, it’s relaxing to just look at these urban gardens on so many streets. The maintenance required is occasional watering and trimming. It’s a great role model for other cities.

Shalom (שלום), MAA

Photos by MAA

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