USA Not “Rounding The Final Turn” with COVID-19

This is what the COVID-19 situation looked like on Election Day, 3 November, in the US. Note the 14-day increase in number of new infections and deaths. Also note that most of the states where cases per capita are the highest are red states.

Rounding the final turn (or some variation on that theme) is something Dear Leader has mentioned on numerous occasions, including in the 22 October debate with Joe Biden. He’s delusional, as are his legion of supporters who believe the cascade of lies that spew from his busy little mouth and via his Twitter account on a daily basis.

Source: New York Times
Source: Associated Press

A day later, on 4 November, these were 108,389 new cases and
1,201 new deaths, according to Worldometer. Here is the real corner that the US continues to turn through the eyes of the great US cartoonist, Peter Steiner. (Click on the image below to visit his website.)

Like Night & Day

Meanwhile, here in Viet Nam, 99 active cases, all imported, and a total of 35 deaths and 1,206 confirmed cases since 23 January 2020. That’s fewer total cases than any US state or territory except the Northern Mariana Islands (96).

Shalom (שלום), MAA

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