HPDF List of Think Tanks and Thinkers

I am honored to be mentioned as a contributor under Sources for Insights: List of Think Tanks and Thinkers for the Ho Chi Minh City Peace & Development Foundation (HPDF), an organization within the Ho Chi Minh City Union of Friendship Organizations (HUFO). 

HPDF was founded by Madame Tôn Nữ Thị Ninh, President, HCMC Peace and Development Foundation, Vice President, Vietnam Peace Committee, President, HCMC Peace Committee, Former Ambassador to EU & Belgium, Former Vice-Chair, Foreign Affairs Committee, Viet Nam National Assembly.

According to the section on its website entitled What We Believe In & Strive For, HPDF states the following:

In the face of today’s global challenges of social inequality and division and of destructive lifestyles towards our common home, the Earth, we must choose understanding, respect, empathy, inclusiveness and well-informed responsible citizenship. HPDF commits to building up such societal awareness and engagement through its programmes and activities geared towards multi-stakeholder and cross-cutting approaches, and directed more particularly towards youth.

HPDF‘s Core Values:

Identity: Knowing who we are, where we belong

• Humanity: Upholding and acting on what makes us all part of humankind

Understanding & Connecting: Connecting with others & the world through open and inquisitive minds

Empathy & Action: If we feel and care, then we should act on it

Heritage & Creativity: Organically embedding past & future, heritage & creativity

We strive for:

A world of peace with nature and among humankind

Vietnam’s all-around development for today and tomorrow

A more equitable, inclusive and cultured society for all

Shalom (שלום), MAA