Increase in % of VN Undergrads Studying Business/Management Last Year in US

Once again, Vietnamese undergraduates studying in the US in 2016/17 led the pack in the percentage of international students majoring in business/management at 31%.  The reasons for this interest in business no doubt remain unchanged: 1) the notion that you have to study business to do business, which I addressed in this February 2017 article I wrote for Forbes Vietnam; and 2) the fact that not many students and parents are aware of the value of a liberal arts education.

top 15 business
Source:  IIE Open Doors 2017

Here’s the complete list:

  • Business/Management: 31%
  • Undeclared: 16.7%
  • Math/Computer Science: 11%
  • Engineering: 10%
  • Physical/Life Sciences: 7.5%
  • Social Sciences: 5.8%
  • Intensive English: 5.4%
  • Health Professions: 4.4%
  • Fine/Applied Arts: 3.1%
  • Other Fields of Study: 2.8%
  • Education: 1.2%
  • Humanities: 1.2%

So while nearly one-third are studying business/management, the good news is that nearly 70% are studying a wide variety of other subjects.