U.S. Student Visa Update: Upward Trend Continues

bureau of consular affairs

According to the latest figures from the US Department of State’s Bureau of Consular Affairs, a record 10,867 F-1 (student) visas were issued in Fiscal Year 2013, which ended on 30 September 2013.  That represents a 5%  increase over FY2012.  As you see from the chart below, the take-off phase, which reflects the rapidly expanding Vietnamese economy and the concomitant growing ability to pay, began in 2005.  With the exception of a spike in FY08 and a significant dip the following year, the increases have been steady.

F-1 Visas Issued, FY97-13

In case you’re counting, the US Mission in Vietnam has issued a total of 78,448 student visas since FY1997.  According to an official source, the current refusal rate in HCMC is 50%, where the majority of visas are issued.  One can assume that it is considerably lower in the Embassy in Hanoi.  Last year, the worldwide issuance rate was 77%.



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