An Anti-Ode to Security Guards

They are legion and ubiquitous, these..

dispensers of disdain,

guardians of the gutter,

helpers of the haves,

keepers of the gate,

monitors of the masses,

movers of the motorbikes,

protectors of the pavement,

rulers of the realm,

supervisors of the street,

takers of the tickets.

(February 22, 2011 - Source: Paula Bronstein/Getty Images AsiaPac)
One of the good guys? (February 22, 2011 – Source: Paula Bronstein/Getty Images AsiaPac)

You know who – the bane of many people’s existence, the guys hanging from one of the lower rungs of the nation’s employment ladder and happily using and abusing what little power they have, which seems to go to their heads the second they don those uniforms.

For many, customer is neither king nor queen.   Make them jump through hoops, do the unnecessary, do the impossible and, generally, waste everyone’s time and energy.  Park here, park there, do this, do that, usually for no good reason.  Part of their job, it seems, is to annoy and, at times, infuriate those people they should be serving.  I should add “amuse” to this list because some put a smile on my face and make me laugh.

Question:  Why was there recently a riot at a Samsung factory construction site, referred to by the Company as a “brief altercation,” which left 13 people injured, four critically, in northern Thai Nguyen province, where the Korean company is building a $3.2 billion high-tech complex?  It was not because of exploitation of the workers, although that is not unheard of here, but rather – you guessed it – security guards, who took it upon themselves to beat the shit out of a worker who had arrived late and tried to enter the site.

Thank you for indulging me in this little rant.  No, this doesn’t apply to ALL security guards just the majority of them. I feel better already.  Your thoughts?


P.S.:  As you can see, I absolutely adore alliteration.  9 out of 10 ain’t bad, eh? 🙂

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