U.S. Commercial Service Weighs In On In-Country Representation

???In its latest Vietnam Market Education and Training update (PDF, June 2013) the U.S. Commercial Service includes among strategies that “have proven effective in marketing education services to Vietnam” this one:

Appoint a Representative

Local representation is essential for the success of any American schools in the Vietnamese market. Local students and parents tend to depend on people who are located in Vietnam, with whom they can communicate about the many issues involved in applying for admission and studying in the U.S. A representative could be an alumnus or someone with ties and familiarity with your school to handle in-country marketing, outreach and serve as a local point of contact.

This is precisely what my company, Capstone Vietnam, has done with the establishment last year of its International Academic Centers (IACs) in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC).  To date two U.S. institutions of higher education have full-time coordinators who work for them but are employed by Capstone Vietnam:  Kansas State University (Manhattan, KS) in Hanoi and Lane Community College (Eugene, OR) in HCMC.  The former is a country coordinator while the latter is a regional outreach coordinator who recruits in Vietnam and other countries in East and Southeast Asia.

Links to bilingual website
Quynh, K-State Vietnam Country Coordinator
Quynh, K-State Vietnam Country Coordinator
lane cc logo
Links to bilingual website
Quang Lane
Quang, Lane Regional Outreach Coordinator

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