“Vietnam: Graduate unemployment and ‘over-education’ rising” by Hiep Pham

Reposted from the 13 July 2013 edition of University World News.

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As a new batch of graduates emerged from Vietnam’s universities in recent weeks, the country was facing twin problems of increasing unemployment among young people and a phenomenon of ‘over-education’ – graduates who fail to find jobs that use their skills.

By October last year, Vietnam already had 165,000 unemployed graduates, or some 17% of the overall jobless total.

A report by Ho Chi Minh City’s Centre for Forecasting Manpower Needs and Labour Market Information predicted in a report released in May that only half of those who graduated this June would be able to secure a job within a few months.

But problems in matching graduates to jobs and of youth unemployment in general have been apparent since the country’s economic slowdown in 2010.

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