International Student Recruitment: 2+2 Equals Success

For those with an interest in international student recruitment and the 2+2 formula that has become so popular in recent years (2 years at a US community college + 2 years at a four-year college or university equals a bachelor’s degree), you might want to follow this blog and participate in the on- and offline discussion.  It’s related to a general session entitled International Student Recruitment: 2+2 Equals Success (session abstract below) that will be offered at the 2013 annual conference of NAFSA:  Association of International Educators in late May in St. Louis, Missouri, USA.  Join me and my distinguished colleagues and co-presenters:  Judy Irwin, Connect Globally, (chair), Maria Hesse, Arizona State University, and Ross Jennings, Green River Community College (WA).   


Because the goal of most international students enrolled at U.S. community colleges is a bachelor’s degree, it has become imperative that two-year and four-year institutions engage in joint recruiting and marketing activities. This session focuses on the advantages and benefits, from institutional, student, and field perspectives, to promoting such a package.

Note:  The above image is one that my company uses to promote the 2+2 concept in Vietnam.  2 years at a community college + 2 years at a university (or four-year college) = a diploma.

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