The “Agent Issue”: Yes, No, Maybe

agent internet lounge

aka “Talking Out of Both Sides of Its Mouth” – The US State Department will have nothing to do with education agents, the US Commerce Department facilitates agent matchmaking for US institutions of higher education as part of its Gold Key Service and the US Homeland Security Department sponsors an “Agent Internet Lounge” at a major conference that brings together educational institutions from the US and Canada and education agents from around the world.  Go figure. 

This is an issue about which I’ve had lots to say as an international educator who has worked in the public (state university), non-profit (a US NGO with close US government ties) and private sectors (a human resource development company).  Below are some related posts. 


Reality Check/When One Government Speaks with Two Voices

“Agent Provocateur” – The Growing Pains of Agency-Based International Student Recruitment in the U.S.

Policy Guidance for EducationUSA Centers on Commercial Recruitment Agents


P.S.:  Thanks, K. for the heads-up.

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