VietAbroader Study Abroad Conferences: Be There or Be Square!

VietAbroader (VA) is a student-run, nonprofit that provides Vietnamese students with training and guidance to encourage them to study abroad, primarily in the U.S.  The VA Study Abroad Conferences (VAC), the organization’s flagship program, were launched in 2005.  (I had the honor of speaking at the first Hanoi conference.) 

The VACs include a seminar in the morning, which provides prescreened attendees with general information about U.S. education, and a fair in the afternoon that is free and open to the public, where students and parents can meet face-to-face with students, alumni and official representatives of more than 80 top U.S. schools. This year, the conferences will be held on July 21 and July 22 in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, respectively. 

Capstone Vietnam, of which I’m managing director,  is proud to be a corporate sponsor of the VACs.  I’m also proud to be one of two advisers to VietAbroader, a role I assumed shortly after the organization was founded in 2004 as an online forum by Khoa and Trang, both undergraduates at Bates College at the time.  I remember when VA had 400 members; it now has over 40,000. 

Every year, I help VA’s leadership reach out to potential institutional sponsors, including some of you reading this post.  Why should US colleges and universities that welcome Vietnamese students to their campuses consider becoming a sponsor of the VACs?  Because it’s one of the hottest and most widely publicized events of its kind, and will help you brand and market your school to a very targeted audience. 

1:  Former US Ambassador Michael Michalak and I at the 2009 VAC in Hanoi after delivering our opening remarks (Photo courtesy of
2:  Capstone staff, interns and yours truly at the 2011 VAC in Hanoi

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