The bad stories in the education sector in 2011

Never a dull moment in Vietnamese education.  Check out the bad stories in the education sector in 2011, including “bad behaviors of teachers, problematic students’ morality, and the ‘achievement disease.'”  The excerpts below were taken from an article with the same name. 
The bad behaviors of teachers

On May 13, Trieu Ngoc Diem, a primary school teacher in Soc Trang province, stuck adhesive tape on the mouth of a student. The teacher thought that the punishment would help the student become more concentrating in the class.
A principal in Bac Lieu province on June 26 lost his life-work and honor just within one minute just because of alcohol. Responding to the challenge thrown down by an officer of the school, the principal cut the officer’s throat and caused the officer’s death. 
Problems in students’ morality
The police have warned that the school violence has become alarming serious in both the number of cases and the seriousness. Students nowadays not only come to blows, but also stab with knives.
In September alone, 3 clips showing students fighting each other were posted on Internet. In October, there were 4 clips, and in November and December, 3 clips showing female students beating others.
2011 was also the year when sex clips “mushroomed”. The wave of posting sex clips on Internet began when a clip was spread out on Internet, which was believed the clip of a 17 year old student of the Hoang Van Thu School in Hanoi.
The “achievement disease”
The Ministry of Education and Training announced the high percentage of students passing the final exams in 2011 (95.72 percent). However, no one thinks that the result truly reflect the actual education and training quality.

Click here to read the full story.

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