Is Imitation the Sincerest Form of Flattery?

The Global Institute of Strategic Management (GISM), which has close ties to Akamai University, a Hawaii-based school that appears on my list of unaccredited US institutions, has a logo that bears a striking resemblance to the Great Seal of a certain US federal executive department charged with implementing that country’s foreign policy.  Compare the above logo with that on the US Department of State homepage and cast your vote.   

GISM’s affiliation with Akamai is so intimate that Ben Lee, its President and Director, is also the Vice President for Asia-Pacific Business Programs at Akamai and Douglass Capogrossi, GISM’s  Vice-President for Academic Affairs and Director, is the president of Akamai.  I give GISM credit for one thing – chutzpah.  If you’re going to lie, lie big.

But wait, there’s more!  GISM (address:  193 Kino`ole Street, Hilo, Hawaii, 96720 USA) is located in the same suite of offices as Akamai University (address:  187 Kino`ole Street, Hilo, Hawaii 96720 USA) at the Hilo Hotel.  These cozy connections are not uncommon in the often murky and sometimes incestuous world of rogue providers. 

What’s the connection to Vietnam, you may ask?  Akamai and GISM are working with G-BI International Knowledge Management JSC, a Hanoi-based company.

The "campus" of Akamai University and headquarters of GISM. (Courtesy of Google Maps)

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