Industry Takes the Initiative: An Intriguing Example from Central Vietnam

There are number of companies in Vietnam, large and small, that are attempting to creating pipelines of qualified employees by engaging selected universities and offering various types of support.  Enclave  is a small U.S. software engineering firm based in Danang that specializes in providing offshore delivery centers (ODC) for information technology outsourcing (ITO) and information technology intensive operations (ITIO).  In the short time it has been in existence, Enclave has developed a well-earned reputation for innovation and creativity, including a “boot camp,” which the company describes as a 12-week transformation for new engineering graduates into production engineering that covers capability and capacity, efficiency gains, and a project practicum. 

Rather than complain about the lack of qualified software engineers and wait for the government to upgrade the quality of higher education, a long-term undertaking indeed, Hung Le, the CEO, decided to adopt a proactive approach that benefits all parties concerned (i.e., students, universities, Enclave, Vietnam).  Since arriving in Danang, he has developed a close relationship with and has provided support to the Danang University of Technology (DUT), among other local institutions.  (This included Mr. Le working as an adjunct professor.) 

This relationship reached its pinnacle when Enclave and DUT jointly organized an embedded program in computer science with the classes offered at Enclave’s office.  This was the first time ever that a public Vietnamese university has conducted such an off-campus program.  In September, 26 Enclave engineers will receive their MS degrees from DUT.  In addition, Enclave provided funding for those engineers who could earn the requisite score on the national exam and gain admission to DUT’s program. 

As Enclave founder and chairman, Steve Cook, mentioned to me in an email, “I am proud of our engineers to have managed such a remarkable feat, while remaining on the job at Enclave, performing even more miraculous feats for the benefit of our overseas clients…  This speaks volumes to the world about Vietnam, and the character and determination of its youth.”  Congratulations to the students and kudos to Enclave! 


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