Study Guides & Strategies in Vietnam

The Study Guides and Strategies (SGS) website, A public service helping learners to succeed since 1996, is one of the most useful and popular websites around for students and others striving to become better and more efficient learners.  Last year, the site had nearly 18 million “page views” and 8.6 million visitors, a new record.  SGS ranks 57,986 in the world and 15,133 in Vietnam (as of 13.1.11), according to the Traffic Rank.  (There are an estimated 100+ million websites in the world, which places SGS in a very select group indeed – among the top 1%.)

SGS covers a wide range of topics, including

  • Time management
  • Meeting Challenges (e.g., problem solving, finding creative solutions, managing stress)
  • Learning
  • Learning with Others (collaborate/cooperative learning)
  • Studying
  • Classroom Participation
  • Online Learning/Communicating
  • Thinking
  • Reading
  • Research
  • Project Management
  • Test Preparation
Courtesy of Joe Landsberger

Since 1996, SGS has been researched, authored, maintained and supported by Joe Landsberger as an international, learner-centric, educational public service.  Joe has been assisted by volunteers from around the world who have donated countless hours to take the Study Guides across cultural and linguistic boundaries.  SGS currently features 1000 translations in English and 36 other languages, including Vietnamese. 

Six years ago, I contacted Joe about the possibility of developing a Vietnamese language version in an effort to meet the needs of Vietnamese learners.  He readily agreed.  With the assistance of a Vietnamese student intern who had received a Freeman ASSIST grant and under the auspices of the US-Indochina Educational Foundation (USIEF), a non-profit organization I founded in 2000, we proceeded to create a Vietnamese Study Guides and Strategies that has became one of the most frequently visited sections of the SGS site.  Some more relevant facts and figures: 

  • ranks 2nd (11.49%) as a source of traffic to SGS after (41.22%)
  •  Học cách học (learning to learn; Vietnamese), 53.6 million returns, SGS first
  • Topic/time spent on page-minutes:  13.    Vietnamese homepage/1:22
  • Categories:  top 500 webpages (accessed on January 4, 2011):

       194 were in the English learning folders

       57 in the Spanish folder

        50 in the Vietnamese folder

Another indication of the widespread popularity of SGS among Vietnamese young people and other learners in Vietnam is the publication of two books, the first of which incorporates SGS material and another one that is a print version of the Vietnamese section of the site, and for which I wrote the preface.

Dám thay đổi chính mình /Dare to Change Yourself by Nguyễn Đình Sơn (Tomson Nguyễn)

Học Tập Cũng Cần Chiến Lược/Studying Also Requires a Strategy

Happy 15th Year Anniversary, SGS!


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