In the News

Here are links to some recent education-related articles in Vietnam’s English language media.  Most deal with issues related to vocational education & training and higher education quality. 

Vocational credit to be transferable to colleges (3.11.10, Viet Nam News)

With current mechanism, even Einstein would fail to become professor in VN (29.10.10, VietnamNet)

Colleges lack quality facilities (27.10.10, Viet Nam News) 

Vietnam’s public universities lack good facilities, equipment (26.10.10, Thanh Nien News)

Career advice vital for graduates (25.10.10, Viet Nam News)

What do students do during internship? (22.10.10, VietnamNet)

Only 1% of Vietnamese professors are women (21.10.10, VietnamNet)

Vocational schools avoided (18.10.10, VietnamNet)

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