Tri Viet University Project

In a previous post I wrote about a new private, non-profit Vietnamese university, Tan Tao University, the brainchild of Mdm Dang Thi Hoang Yen. There is another private, non-profit university being established by Mdm Ton Nu Thi Ninh, Tri Viet University.  Both TTU and TVU aspire to become international-standard universities.   (Both Ms. Yen and Ms. Ninh were profiled in this 15 May 2009 Chronicle of Higher Education article.)

Scheduled to open in 2013, Tri Viet University “has the ambition to be the first green, resource efficient and environment-friendly campus in Viet Nam and to build sustainability into all aspects of its operation,” according to the Tri Viet University Project website. 

Tri Viet aims to be a center of academic and pedagogic excellence in Viet Nam. First, by striving for maximum academic autonomy as a sine qua non of educational quality. Second, by promoting transdisciplinary approaches based on foundational knowledge and skills (traditionally known in Western institutions as Liberal Arts and Sciences) subjects (e.g., Critical Thinking, Creative Writing, Problem Solving, etc); concurrently, fundamentals of Vietnamese Studies will help anchor the Vietnamese students’ awareness of their roots and identity as they embark on discovering the world. Tri Viet is convinced these initiatives will help equip its graduates with the right kind of intellect, one balancing specialization with an all-around humanistic education.  (Source:  Tri Viet University website)

For more information, contact the Tri Viet University Project and/or visit its trilingual website (English, French, Vietnamese).  

Tri Viet University Project, 180 Pasteur (Suite 3A – 3rd Floor), District 1, Ho Chi Minh City – Viet Nam

Tel: (0084.8) 3911 8361 – 3911 8362; Fax: (0084-8) 3911 8363, Email: trivietdh (at) 

One thought on “Tri Viet University Project

  1. Troy University of Alabama offers a Bachelor of Business Degree program in HCMC. They have a website listing their courses, names of teachers and their qualifications. It appears to be a respectable program with classrooms although I have not eyeballed the operation. I live here and teach at Saigon International University in District 9, HCMC. SIU has an American connection with Suffolk University, Boston. An Articulation Agreement provides a 2+2 program for Vietnamese Students who want to study the first 2 years here, then transfer and get their American degrees from Suffolk. The General Ed. transfer courses are the same as they would take at Suffolk. There are also three Australian Uni’s & one German Univ. here that I know about.

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