Vietnam Ranks 2nd in U.S. Community College International Enrollment

According to the 2009 Open Doors international academic mobility report,  Vietnam now ranks second among all places of origin in international enrollment at community colleges, surpassing Japan and closing in on S. Korea. 

The 8.4% of total international enrollment at community colleges translates into 8,046 students.  This means that 63% of all Vietnamese studying in the U.S. last year were enrolled in a community college, an extraordinary development.  The trend over the past four years has been for the majority of U.S.-bound Vietnamese students to begin their studies at a community college before transferring to a four-year school to complete their Bachelor’s degree. 

Community colleges have become immensely popular for international students, as they are for U.S. students, for obvious reasons:  cost, admission, ease of transfer, etc.  The overall increase in 2008/09 was 10.5%, up from 3.1% the previous year. 

  WORLD TOTAL 95,785   WORLD TOTAL 671,616  
Rank Place of Origin % of Total   Place of Origin % of Total  
1 South Korea 14.5   India 15.4  
2 Vietnam 8.4   China 14.6  
3 Japan 8.3   South Korea 11.2  
4 China 5.8   Canada 4.4  
5 Nepal 4.0   Japan 4.4  
6 Mexico 3.6   Taiwan 4.2  
7 Hong Kong 3.4   Mexico 2.2  
8 India 3.0   Turkey 2.0  
9 Taiwan 2.6   Vietnam 1.9  
10 Indonesia 2.2   Saudi Arabia 1.9  

Source:  2009 Open Doors Report

In Intensive English Programs (IEP) enrollment Vietnam ranks 1st in Southeast Asia with 1,478 students, a sharp increase of 35% over 2007/08.  Thailand ranks a distant 2nd.

Banner courtesy of Community Colleges USA

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