Of “Summer” & Concentration Camps

The drawing on the left was done by a child held at a what is euphemistically called "a summer camp" (detention center) in the U.S.  I see a cage. The physical impediment that keeps her prisoner.  The drawing on the right was also created by a child.  Except this child's drawing was made while being held … Continue reading Of “Summer” & Concentration Camps

Another Make-Work Job for ICE

Set thine house in order... 2 Kings 20: 1 It's as if the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) branch of the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has nothing better to do than to create yet another faux university to entrap more people like so many flies to honey.  Enter the University of Farmington in … Continue reading Another Make-Work Job for ICE

Fake News: “Australia ‘first choice’ for overseas Vietnamese students”

This is presumably an editor's mistake.  Fact-checking is important and really easy these days.  Is Australia the world's leading host of Vietnamese students, meaning their "first choice"?   As of 10-18, there were 23,803 young Vietnamese studying in Australia at all levels out of a total of 673,296 international students, according to the Australia's Department of Education and … Continue reading Fake News: “Australia ‘first choice’ for overseas Vietnamese students”

Viet Nam Once Again Ranks 5th in US International Student Enrollment

According to the August 2018 SEVIS by the Numbers update, Viet Nam once again ranks 5th among places of origin with 29,788 active students at all levels and in all 50 states and Puerto Rico, inching past Canada, which had displaced it in June 2018.  (One always has to take summer statistics with a grain … Continue reading Viet Nam Once Again Ranks 5th in US International Student Enrollment

Happy 9th Birthday, Capstone Vietnam!

This week, Capstone Vietnam, a full-service educational consulting company that I co-founded in 2009 and of which I am managing director, celebrated its 9th birthday.  It has been a helluva ride, one I've found to be deeply rewarding on many levels.  As I mentioned to a colleague the other day, the best situation is when … Continue reading Happy 9th Birthday, Capstone Vietnam!