Slow Down To Catch Up

Vietnam's Ministry of Education and Training (MoET) recently announced plans to reduce enrollment at 23 universities and colleges.  According to Bui Van Ga, a vice minister, the intent of the policy is to "focus on quality instead of quantity.”  Enrollment quotas will be reduced between 10% and 100% at the 23 institutions “because of failures to … Continue reading Slow Down To Catch Up

My Top 15 Personal Favorites

Last year, I wrote a total of 84 posts, an average of 7 per month.  Below are some of my favorite posts starting with one from February and ending with one from last month.  Collectively, they cover a lot of ground - from updates and personal stories to commentaries and analyses.     If You’ve Got It, Flaunt … Continue reading My Top 15 Personal Favorites

“50 percent of Vietnamese teachers regret their career decision”

This is one of the highlights of a survey conducted by the Vietnam Institute of Educational Sciences (VIES), a damning indictment of the working conditions of Vietnamese teachers.  The survey of 526 teachers from 27 schools in five provinces asked primary, secondary (junior high) and high school teachers this question:  Would you still choose to work as a teacher, if you could make … Continue reading “50 percent of Vietnamese teachers regret their career decision”

Emerging internationalization opportunities in Southeast Asia

Below is an excellent post by my colleague, Rahul Choudaha aka Dr. Education, which I've taken the liberty of reposting in its entirety.  Both images are courtesy of Boston Consulting Group.  (The italics and bold are mine.)  Note:  The 2010 "per capita income" for Vietnam is based on GNP not GDP.  Posted: 13 Apr 2012 08:14 AM PDT Growth … Continue reading Emerging internationalization opportunities in Southeast Asia

The Fourth Education Conference

I recently joined several hundred other attendees at the 4th Education Conference on 9 April in Hanoi, organized by the US Embassy, the Vietnam Education Foundation (VEF), the Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training (MoET) and National Economics University (NEU).  Sponsors included the Henry Luce Foundation, the Vietnam Center at Texas Tech University, Johnson & … Continue reading The Fourth Education Conference

Education in Vietnam

Below is information about a new book, edited by Jonathan D. London and published by the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies in Singapore.   Dr. London is an Assistant Professor (Sociology) in the Department of Asian & International Studies at the City University of Hong Kong.  Vietnam is a country on the move. Yet, contemporary Vietnam’s education system … Continue reading Education in Vietnam

SaigonEduCamp: 12.12.10 share, collaborate, educate

According to its organizers, this "un-conference," defined as a conference in which participants use their interests, knowledge and experience to generate discussion topics," is for anyone involved in education to meet, share, collaborate and educate.   At SaigonEduCamp: Everyone is a participant, no one is a spectator. It is informal: there are no proposals, papers or … Continue reading SaigonEduCamp: 12.12.10 share, collaborate, educate