Ford Ranger & the US Army in Viet Nam

As seen on a recent drive into Hanoi. This is what I’d expect to see some yahoo in the US driving with a gun rack, a handgun in the glove compartment, and a MAGA bumper sticker. Here in Viet Nam, you can look at this nasty symbolism in one of two ways: 1) it’s offensive (the US military killed an estimated 3.8 million Vietnamese during the war, over half of whom were civilians, in addition to various war legacies); or 2) it’s a form of satire.

The owner probably thinks it’s “cool”, is an honorary US nationalist, a smart-ass, or all three. The merits of free speech aside, I know what I’d do if I had unhindered access to that truck for a few minutes and a can of white spray paint, if I’m in a good mood, or red, if I’m not. 😉

Shalom (שלום), MAA

2 thoughts on “Ford Ranger & the US Army in Viet Nam

  1. Shocking that somebody would be driving a vehicle like that in Vietnam we’re so many innocent people were tragically murdered

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  2. Yes this truck is an example of the stupidity and idiots that created that massacre in Sacramento.. Guns and militarism violence hate and then death. Peace and love for you bye dear

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