Entrapment Victims: 1; DHS: 0

Remember the late great University of Northern New Jersey (UNNJ) created in 2013 by the US Department of Homeland Security “to target brokers and recruiters who sought to abuse the U.S. immigration system for financial gain”, including unsuspecting international students, as if they don’t have enough other work protecting Ze Homeland?

Keep in mind that the US has unaccredited institutions offering academic programs that range from low to no quality, and companies that sell education credentials. Do they really need to create faux higher education institutions to drum up more business for their prosecution mill, I ask myself rhetorically?

Here’s the good news. The feds lost this class action lawsuit, a small measure of justice! (Yay!) Check out the benefits on p. 3. The fact that the agreement is also in Chinese and Hindi tells you something about the places of origin of many of UNNJ’s students. Yes, the wheels of justice turn slowly but at least these proceedings resulted in a happy and just ending for the victims of this entrapment scheme.

Here’s one of my favorite sections. In essence, the US government admits to wrongdoing without legally admitting wrongdoing. (Maybe this is one of the reasons I decided not to become a lawyer.)

4. Why is there a Settlement? – The Court has not decided in favor of either side in this case. The Government denies all allegations of wrongdoing but is settling to avoid the expense and inconvenience of continuing to litigate the case. Plaintiffs and the lawyers representing them (‘Plaintiffs’ Counsel’) believe the Settlement is in the best interests of the class because it provides substantial immigration-related benefits to the class which class members would not receive if Plaintiffs lost the lawsuit or were only partially successful. In addition, the Settlement avoids the expense and delay of pursuing the case through trial and any appeals, which might otherwise continue for several more years.

Follow this link to access the information on the law firm’s website.

Here are previous posts about UNNJ and the University of Farmington, another fake university set up by DHS in 2015, in descending chronological order.

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Shalom (שלום), MAA

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