Of “Summer” & Concentration Camps


The drawing on the left was done by a child held at a what is euphemistically called “a summer camp” (detention center) in the U.S.  I see a cage. The physical impediment that keeps her prisoner. 
The drawing on the right was also created by a child. 
Except this child’s drawing was made while being held prisoner at a Nazi concentration camp called Theresienstadt
[This drawing and hundreds of paintings and poems created by children at Theresienstadt are part of a book called I Never Saw Another Butterfly.] 
While there are absolute differences in experience – and as far as we know, no one in the US camps is being lined up and shot  – their experience, how they express that emotionally in their art, is the same. 

Thanks to Dori Keller for sharing these photographs.

Shalom (שלום), MAA

Courtesy of Footsteps:  Never Forget.  Always Learn.