Louis Preschool & Kindergarten: “My Passion – Your Great Future”

louis kindergarten

Introducing one of Hanoi’s newest preschools and kindergartens, named after the famous French kings.  (There’s also a restaurant in Hanoi named “Louis,” which makes me smile.  See below.)  One glance at the website and you’ll see that this is not your average Vietnamese school.  Even if you don’t read Vietnamese, just look at the pictures.

louis restaurant
Pardon the quality. This pic was taken in a “drive-by photoshooting.”

Since location is everything in the world of real estate, Louis’ location is ideal in a high-income part of the city, nestled among high-rise condos and private homes, whose residents can afford the cost of sending their child to this luxury preschool/kindergarten.  The monthly fee is about $245, not including meals and other items.  Last year, Vietnam’s per capita income was about $2,200.


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