Vietnamese Online: 35% & Rising!

According to the latest Cimigo NetCitizens report, 35% of all Vietnamese are connected to the Internet with robust growth and penetration throughout the country.  This is identical with the statistics released in March 2012 by the Vietnam Internet Network Information Center (VNNIC). 

The report, which is available in English and Vietnamese, shows results of the largest and most comprehensive study on internet usage ever done in Vietnam and sheds light into many areas of internet usage where no well-founded knowledge was available before. It shows who is online, how long, how frequently, what activities do they do, which sites do they visit, how do they think about online shopping and how the internet effects their lives.

Since 2007, Cimigo, an independent team of marketing and brand research specialists, has published studies annually on internet usage. This report covers 12 cities in Vietnam and is based on a representative selection of more than 3,400 internet users.  The report, from which the above images were taken, is a free download on the Cimigo website (after a simple registration). 

The implications of this trend are obvious for those of us who work in education.  Foreign institutions that wish to recruit Vietnamese students must including online marketing and branding as part of their recruitment strategy.

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