International Educator Turns 2!

My first post was two years ago this month.  It was an autumn of change in my professional life as I transitioned from my work as country director of IIE-Vietnam to founder and managing director of Capstone Vietnam, a Hanoi-based human resource development company. 

From the public to the non-profit to the for-profit sector in a span of five years.  It’s been quite a ride.  I have to say that I thoroughly enjoy being my own boss.  (There are very few bosses in my career that I have respected.  Does that strike a chord with anyone?  :-)) 

I also enjoy and value the relative freedom of expression that this venture affords me; the opportunity to speak my mind without being subject to an employer’s pre-approval policy or semantic nitpicking (i.e., censorship).  The buck stops with me. 

While you may not agree with everything I’ve written here, I try to write accurately and honestly about a host of topics related to US-Vietnam educational exchange and the profession at large.  If I’ve ended up on a few black lists by touching on some controversial issues that, in some cases, have affected someone’s cash flow (e.g., the issue of rogue providers), they are black lists worth being on, a badge of honor that I wear with pride. 

If you’ve been checking in from time to time, I think you’ll agree that An International Educator in Vietnam has lived up to its subtitle by providing ample doses of Information, Insights & (Occasionally) Intrigue.


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