Southeast Asia Virtual Student Fairs

Here is yet another example of the high level of interest among US institutions of higher education in recruiting more international students, including from Vietnam.  Hobsons, which describes itself as “a premier provider of innovative technology and integrated marketing solutions that empower education professionals to manage the entire student lifecycle, including recruitment, enrollment, and retention,” is organizing the first ever virtual student US higher education fairs in Southeast Asia on 5 March, Greater China on 12 March, Latin America on 9 April and India on 27 August. 

As I mentioned in a late July 2010 post, Vietnam ranks 20th in the world in Internet usage with a penetration rate of 27% of the population, an extraordinary achievement for a country with a per capita income of just over $1,000.  Naturally, many of the users in this very youthful population (median age of 27.4) are young people.  The estimated reach for Facebook users who are 20 years old and younger  is about 1.5 million. 

The Southeast Asia fairs include Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam.  The Vietnam event will take place from 11.00-19.00 local time.  Participating students can expect the following

  • A realistic, computer-generated environment where they can interact with others;
  • Admissions information from U.S. colleges and universities and the ability to chat live with them;
  • The opportunity to chat with international students who are already on campus and to watch and download student video webcasts; and
  • The chance to win USD 5,000 in prizes.

For more information about this and other regional virtual student fairs, including a list of participating US universities and colleges, check out the fair website.

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