Happy 1st Birthday!

Just a short note to wish my blog a Happy 1st Birthday!  It was just a year ago that I created An International Educator in Vietnam: Information, Insights & (Occasionally) Intrigue, and uploaded my first post about The SAGE Handbook of Intercultural Competence, to which I contributed a co-authored chapter. 

I must say that I enjoy the relative free speech this medium affords me and that I was denied in my previous job.  You can agree or disagree with my commentary but you should know that I work hard to ensure that the information presented here is accurate, useful and, when necessary or advertised as such, up-to-date.

Not that I’m counting, but the total number of visits to date is over 15,000.  Resources and time permitting, I may arrange to have a “mirror” version of this blog in Vietnamese, especially for those posts of greatest interest and relevance to Vietnamese who may not have a reading knowledge of English.  (I often “see” visitors using translation online tools to read selected posts in Vietnamese.) 

Looking forward to another year of Information, Insights & (Occasionally) Intrigue

Best wishes from the City for Peace,


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