US Embassy-Hanoi Hiring New Fulbright Director

From the position announcement (PDF): 

Under the general supervision of the Public Affairs Officer, incumbent of the position will manage Fulbright Program in Vietnam, one of the largest Fulbright Programs in Asia.  (The annual budget for the Fulbright Program in Vietnam is $2.2 million.)  The incumbent will oversee three Fulbright Assistants in implementing the many components of the nationwide program. In consultation with Educational Cultural Affairs (ECA’s) East Asian & Pacific (EAP) Fulbright Program Office and the Public Affairs Officer, the incumbent will manage the in-country expense budget of the Program. In addition, he/she will be responsible for developing and maintaining a wide array of contacts at universities and other educational institutions throughout Vietnam. 

ANNUAL SALARY: *Not-Ordinarily Resident (holding diplomatic passport): US$52,601 (Starting salary)

(Position Grade: FP-5 will be confirmed by Washington) – *Ordinarily Resident: US$15,795 (Starting salary)

Best wishes to the former director, Dr. Trần Xuân Thảo, who took a position with Tan Tao University.

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