“US $180 million for 1st international public university”

The Vietnam-Germany University (VGU), the first international public university to be founded in Vietnam, will be built on an area of 50 ha in the southern province of Binh Duong with the investment capital of US $180 million. 

This is the first of several “international universities” envisioned by the Vietnamese government.  It is one of the “next frontiers” that will enabled qualified Vietnamese students to benefit from an international standard higher education without having to study overseas.  The Bachelor’s degree programs at VGU will include a semester or year at a German university and an internship with a multinational company.  The undergraduate tuition is $1,500 per year. 

Check out this Dan Tri International article from 4.4.10 for more information.

Excerpted from the FAQ section of the Vietnamese-German University website:

Is the VGU a German university?

No, the VGU is a Vietnamese state university. It does, however, receive financial, conceptual and personnel support from Germany. Furthermore, its academic and administrative structures follow a German model. This leads to an overall focus on the integration of teaching and research. In that sense the VGU is a German university in Vietnam.

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