US-Vietnam Educational Exchanges: Impact and Prospects

Plenary Session On Friday, 10 December, I attended a conference in Hanoi for US Government exchange alumni (e.g., Fulbright, VEF, etc.) .   The conference was open to the public and to all US Department of State alumni who have participated in a U.S. Government-funded exchange program from Vietnam.  The US Embassy-Hanoi billed it as "an opportunity for the public … Continue reading US-Vietnam Educational Exchanges: Impact and Prospects

VEF: From Vietnam With Money ($)

In April 1997, during a three-day visit to Vietnam, then Secretary of the Treasury Robert Rubin announced that the Vietnamese government had agreed to repay the $146 million wartime debt of the former South Vietnam.  Four years earlier, Vietnam agreed in principle to assume the debt from its former enemy as part of a larger … Continue reading VEF: From Vietnam With Money ($)

“US education co-operation brings positive changes”

A good interview with Steve Maxner, chairman of the board of directors of the Vietnam Education Foundation (VEF), which appeared in the 19 July 2010 issue of the English language daily, Viet Nam News.  (Dr. Maxner is also director of the Vietnam Center at Texas Tech University.) A little-known fact about the origins of the … Continue reading “US education co-operation brings positive changes”