Articles About Education Agents

Some colleagues have expressed interest in the various articles I’ve written and co-authored about education agents and commissions-based international student recruitment. Below is a partial list in descending chronological order.

Imagine a world without education agents (if you can) (4.12.21), University World News. Here’s a related blog post with an introduction.

Ethical agents should support direct student admissions (20.4.19), University World News.

International recruitment – Are education agents welcome? (8.3.19), University World News.

An ethical approach to commissions-based recruitment (26.10.18), University World News.

Working with Education Agents: A View from Vietnam by Guest Blogger Mark Ashwill (27.7.18), NAFSA: Association of International Educators.

Meet the new boss, similar to the old boss: new agent regulations unveiled in Vietnam (29.9.17), The PIE Blog.

Take responsibility for ensuring ethical recruitment (30.9.16), University World News.

Walking the walk – Ethical agency-based recruitment (12.12.14), University World News.