Laureate Education lures Clinton as ‘honorary chancellor’

Laureate Education Inc., a Baltimore-based for-profit higher education company, said Monday (April 26) that it scored former President Bill Clinton as its “honorary chancellor” – a high-profile position that’s expected to raise the company’s profile abroad.

The company, which owns a global network of more than 50 campus-based and online institutions in 21 countries, tapped Clinton as an internal adviser. He will also be featured in campus visits and in the company’s marketing material to students.

“This is huge” for Laureate, said Amna Kirmani, marketing professor at the University of Maryland, College Park. “It’ll put this company on the map. People will notice it. Other companies will notice them. It will bring a huge amount of credibility to the company.”

To read the rest of this Baltimore Sun article follow this link.  If you’d like to get it from the horse’s mouth, so to speak, check out this corporate press release from 26 April 2010 on Laureate’s website. 

I like the understated nature of the article’s subtitle:  Former president expected to raise profile of company abroad.  You can say that again (!). 

Waiting to see a Laureate International University in Vietnam…  Maybe in 2011?

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